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Lucio Brae - MDEA Negotiator

Recent Entries

7/10/11 01:19 am - //007//

She put it quite eloquently.

If you wish to have us attempt to reach your world so that periodic bursts become optional tours to and from your world and others, please stop by MDEA HQ and we will speak with you. This is in Center-City, right across the street from the Travel Agency. If you find yourself getting lost, ask just about anyone you see. 'lest they be in the same predicament as you, they will very well know how to guide you there.

Desai accepts all currencies, most vendors understanding that conversion is simply vital for them to stay afloat. However, if you wish to convert to our currency for the sake of ease, please stop by any bank and they will assist you.

We are a place of economic excellence, so you won't find yourself worrying about prices being too high very often. You'll be able to obtain shelter, food, drink, whatever it is that you may be seeking. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or the aforementioned eloquent lady, and we will be happy to provide answers to you.

1/11/11 05:16 am - ∴006

We're staring a new year, a new decade, in the face. On January 1st, 2011, we said farewell to a year most violent. Possibly one of the worst to ever be seen here in Desai, since the times of the great wars. We've had three of them; we're quite familiar how horrible it is.

It is quite interesting, when you read about worlds and their wars. Earth realms particularly fascinate me. They usually are of a life where there were only two World Wars that they consider of any significance. When you look at where they covered, most the world was involved, yes, but not all. Consider yourselves lucky if you have never experienced a true world war.

The attack that came upon Desai in December was nothing that we could not handle. The Multi-Dimensional Exploration Agency is committed to staying ahead of all threats. We do not stand idle if a race, a world, a government decide to allow negotiations to fall apart. If they wish to go their own way, then they may do so in peace. We will crash the bridge that connects our world with theirs and be done with it. Unfortunately, our invaders did not have such plans.

We did receive assistance. Those of you who came to aid us with your expertise against the group that attempted to claim Desai will be contacted by me in the near future to be thanked accordingly. Those who stood your ground and helped those in need, I thank you as well. I have been receiving a number of reports on humanitarian actions when times were, I'm sure, looking quite bleak to the everyday citizen.

Don't worry, Desai. MDEA is here for you. Rest assured, you will be protected here.

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9/28/10 07:38 pm - ∴005

It's a very interesting day, isn't it? The aftershock of that event still runs rather potently. The Tour Guides have become quite the black sheep of this fair city. Someone should do something about that.

We'll just have to see, won't we? It's interesting to see how far someone could be pushed before they react.

5/22/10 07:45 pm - ∴004

It never ceases to amaze me, the things we have yet to learn about the worlds we can reach. There's much beyond the very stars that glitter in the sky and the planets that swirl about endlessly that we have yet to even taste.

One day, we will learn everything. One day, we will touch each world out there and share it with everyone willing to share it with us. Wouldn't that just be ideal?

3/21/10 12:18 pm - ∴003

It seems that everything is calming down. I would pay no mind to false advertisement about many things. It takes a lot of work to refine the kinks we're experiencing. We will have things straightened out as soon as possible.

2/1/10 02:45 pm - ∴002

∴Private to: MDEA Executive StaffCollapse )

12/2/09 04:34 pm - ∴001

It's amazing when someone can be too busy generally for something so important to the vitality of his city, and then be forced to participate as part of his job. Well, forced is a harsh word. I just feel this medium is a bit impersonal by comparison to the ways of my youth.

As a refresher course, I am Agent Brae of the Multi-Dimensional Exploration Agency. I am part of the Negotiations Branch. We range in our responsibilities, and as Donna Viasat takes an aside to her duties of public liaison, I step forward to serve in her place. My duties are more aligned to this, so I can afford more information and assistance than she was able to present. Not to demean her valued participation, but we have our specialties.

Questions and comments are always welcome. As long as introductions. I have a better memory than one might think.

((ooc; links are for OOC reference only.))


Day six. You've all been conducting yourselves well during this particular experiment.

I realize this seems a bit ahead of schedule, but with the samples that FCB have been able to collect over the course of the morning hours since the force-merger, we can get moving on the project that will be headed by MDEA Guest Doctor Juliana Beaumont Greer-DeClercq. She will be working with Doctor William Conrad.

The following will be used in the splicing project:
                The Monument Prison Plants (I want the independent unit involved in this)
                The Spartans (Donna, you are expected to have those samples by the seventh day, or I will have someone do it for you)
                The Silent Hill specimens
                Our runner (I want an update on this ASAP)
                Legato Bluesummers

This will start tomorrow. Again, yes, I realize this is ahead of schedule, but that's a positive. Immediate results are the best results, after all.


((ooc: "Applicable MDEA Staff" = all in-game MDEA staff, including PCs played by you guys~ It's never any fun if PCs don't know. Besides, Conrad, I'm sorry. ... :)~))
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